Gap Year South Africa | Warriors Academy

Epic Skills

Building resilience and character through the challenge of adventure. The concept of developing character through challenge is not new and forms the basis of many recognised programs like Outward Bound and the Scouting movement. It’s often said that self-discovery and personal growth happens best with emotion, challenge and the requisite support and later reflection. Very often, people discover their hidden abilities, values, passions, and responsibilities in situations that offer a journey into the unknown and the unexpected. The Warriors Program offers a significant collection of outdoor and adventure experiences ranging from pleasantly enjoyable to the adrenalin pumping extreme.

The Adventure component of the program is both rich and varied and includes:

Safety considerations remain a priority and whilst every effort is made to deliver experiences which are both exhilarating and meet international safety standards. We are very serious about safety and we believe that safety is one aspect where compromise is never a consideration.

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