Gap Year South Africa

Self-Mastery Workshop (Open Toltec)

"We must BE before we can DO and we can DO only to the extent which we ARE and what we ARE depends upon what we THINK"

Every day we are presented with opportunities to either live a "business-as-usual" life, or to create something significant beyond who we've been and what we know. We know that every human being has potential far beyond what they've ever imagined, but we need knowledge to put this to use. This is your life; therefore this knowledge must come from within you. This workshop is a profound journey of discovery, allowing participants to explore who we are and how we can truly manifest a meaningful vision for our lives. Toltec is a truly effective tool for making all relationships work, and a technique for breaking through to new levels of self awareness, effectiveness and self expression; an opportunity to explore and express ourselves as individuals and to discover and pursue passion in our lives.

We know that each of us is unique! We experience life in our own way. We learn from our past experiences, culture, education and upbringing. Even identical twins have a differing outlook on life. We develop this outlook into ways of acting and being, by developing patterns of behavior, practices and approaches that make up our personality, our "style" (who we consider ourselves to be) and ultimately what we consider our “reality" to be. It is only human to construct such realities, however we tend to "forget" (or cannot see) that we are the ones who construct them. The recognition of this and the striking limits that it imposes, allows for a refreshing freedom. People, situations, and our approach to life can alter dramatically - if we choose.

Situations that may have been challenging or difficult in the past, become fluid and open to change. Successfully completing the program brings about the realization that we are no longer limited by a finite set of options, and we are equipped with the ability to achieve what we want with new ease and enjoyment. We are left, possibly for the first time, with a choice of who we are and who we can be. There is freedom and ability to take action that was unavailable before - even familiar actions produce a whole new level of effectiveness.

Participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to create a breakthrough in their ability to:

"The true journey of discovery does not consist of searching for new landscapes but in having new eyes"  ~  Marcel Proust

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