Gap Year South Africa

Warriors Accelerated Scholarship Program (WASP)

This accelerated scholarship week is a prelude to the full Warrior Program. In the eight days of the WASP program, you will be exposed to the recipe for a successful life. You will be challenged and encouraged but never forced. You will always be secure even in the midst of danger. You will be trusted and learn to trust. You will be treated with dignity and shown respect. You will learn to appreciate your own brilliance and the magnificence of others, and you will leave with a thirst for more.

The Warriors Scholarship is an explosive eight day program designed for 16-18 year olds who are in their last two years at senior school. It is run by Warriors Skills CC of South Africa, which developed the internationally acclaimed, full immersion, year out program, in which young people break free from the restrictions of conventional and self-limiting thinking. During this program they truly come to learn and accept their own brilliance and that of others around them.

In its own right, this accelerated program is designed to propel young adults to a much higher level of self belief. However, its real strength lies in the preparation it affords prospective Warriors, especially those from overseas, for the full program. The WASP program is scheduled to fit in with the northern hemisphere academic year. It is expected to run in both the Easter and Christmas half term breaks. It is most certainly not a holiday camp. Days and nights are very tightly scheduled and will require full commitment for a minimum 15 hours a day.

Participants will overcome irrational fears, shatter self-imposed limits, share their vulnerabilities and secrets with each other and learn to trust and be trusted. From this will emerge individuals who treat themselves and others with dignity, respect and empathy? They will catch a glimpse of their own potential by daring and doing.

Participants electing to undertake the full year out program will learn and come to understand themselves in greater depth, challenge themselves and their ability to embrace all levels of outdoor pursuits, acquire critical twenty first century skills, engage with communities in need, discover the value of an eco positive lifestyle and have a rare opportunity to experience African wilderness and wildlife on a personal level. They will apply the skills they need for success, and have the opportunity to convert these techniques into life-long habits.

What the parents say....

"Dear Rowena,
A huge thank you to you and all the team for giving Lizzie a trip to remember.  It is a true testament to all of you that though so many of them were ill, they still came home buzzing with excitement and talking about what an incredible trip they had.  Thank you for dealing with the sickness so competently and reorganizing the schedule to ensure the warriors didn't miss out on all the challenges.   The trip has definitely given them an idea of what they can achieve and the importance of giving everything a go.  Lizzie will never forget her first trip to Africa; she did far more than she could have dreamed she was capable of, loved the country, the people and beautiful surroundings.

With very best wishes
Louisa and Rob"


"Dear Rowena,
Many thanks for your email.

Cami had an amazing week with you all.  He says it was the best week of his life!! He has not stopped talking about all the incredible things that he did and saw with you all over there, ranging from all the extreme adventures, the hike and waterfalls and beautiful scenery everywhere and he loved visiting the orphanage which was a first for him but was really good as he loves little children.  

He has started to make his video so as soon as it is finished, he will send it to you.

He says he is in contact with you and everyone he met out there through social media  and he definitely wants  to go back sometime during his gap year!!

He didn't really want to go back to school after such a fab week but we managed to get him there!!  He has been to the doctor since he got home and has antibiotics for the first  time to get rid of his cough too!!

Many many thanks to you all for looking after him and everyone else and his memories of his time out there will stay with him for ever.

Best regards
Clare and Ian Hay"


What can I say. Stuart has had the adventure of a lifetime. His first comment to me when I picked him up at Heathrow was " that was the best week of my life so far".

Seeing the photos and videos that were posted on Facebook throughout the week was very reassuring. It was lovely seeing what they were doing and all the smiling faces was great. Obviously I could show them off to my friends. 

As you may know my older son also participated in the wasp programme in February 2014. His comment was it was the best week of my life but I would never do it again. Unfortunately there was not so much put on Facebook that week which was a shame. However he often references his experiences from the programme and mentioned it on his university application form. When he returned to school he had to do a speech about warriors. He received a very enthusiastic round of applause and a glowing congratulations from the headmaster and many positive comments from other pupils and teachers. Many who said it was a very inspirational speech and some even saying it was the best speech they has heard at Stowe.

My husband and I always say to the boys just say yes to everything some things you will like other you will never do again. I am glad that both Stuart and Robert have had an opportunity to participate in the programme. They have a shared experience although it was 18 months apart and have different memories but they both have taken a lot from it and it is something that will stay with them forever. 

Kind regards,

Nicky Milner"

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