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Adventure Tourism The Career You Haven’t Thought Of!
The Warriors Multi-Activity Instructor (MAI) Program has been designed to provide those looking for a career in adventure tourism with the skills needed to excel in this dynamic in
Published on July 03, 2024
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Written by Ruan Viljoen
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Warriors Multi Activity Instructor (MAI) Program

The Warriors Multi-Activity Instructor (MAI) Program has been designed to provide those looking for a career in adventure tourism with the skills needed to excel in this dynamic industry. We bridge the gap between the skills, knowledge and experience needed to ensure that you have the best start in your adventure tourism career. 

What does a career in adventure tourism look like?

Adventure tourism is growing at a fast pace both nationally and internationally, and this growth has created a need for accredited and qualified adventure facilitators. The MAI program provides students with the baseline qualifications and experience needed to make a successful career in the adventure industry. With their MAI qualifications, students will be able to successfully and safely organise adventure activities that include but are not limited to guided hikes, abseiling expeditions. Students can also go on to specialise in a variety of activities that they are drawn to with the foundation they get as MAI’s, eg: scuba instructor, river guide, field guide and so much more.

What sets the MAI program apart from other programs? 

The MAI program combines both qualifications and work experience, which is unlike any other program out there. Throughout the 2nd year, MAI students will need to complete several academic modules, practical skills workshops and then gain hands-on work experience, putting the theoretical skills they have learnt into practice. The program is structured as per the below:

  1. Academic learning modules and exams
  2. Practical skills development
  3. Assessments and feedback
  4. In the field experience 
  5. Assessments 
  6. Work experience 

At Warriors, we do not just focus on the academic and practical but on the personal as well. Each of our MAI students goes through an Enneagram Personality testing, personal coaching, health and wellness related workshops as well as entrepreneurial skills training. We want to make sure that our MAI students are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and that they are following the right path for their specific skills sets. 

We ensure that our MAI’s are one hundred percent prepared for the industry in every way possible.

Who has the MAI program been designed for?

The MAI program has been designed for those looking for a career in the great outdoors, or indoor adventure skills. It is for those who love adventure, a challenge and who are prepared to work hard and long hours. For you to excel in this program, you need to be passionate about adventure, outdoor pursuits, love being active and engaging with people. 

The structure of the MAI program

The Warriors MAI program is a two-year program:

Year 1: Gap Year Experience

  • During the first year, the MAI’s will join the Warriors Gap Year program
  • This year allows our students to experience several different adventure activities
  • This forms the foundation for the second year and gives them a taste of what the industry entails
  • During this year the MAI’s develop their proficiencies in climbing, cycling, hiking, rafting, ropework, etc. and build hours and experience for their logbooks.
  • We use this year to see who can operate in the industry and then invite them to join the MAI program
  • For more on what the first year entails, please click here. (Link to Gap Year Prospectus)

Year 2: MAI  2nd Year

  • For MAI students to receive their Warriors MAI Qualification they will need to complete the following modules:
    • Generic Adventure Site Guide Certification:

This accredited program is a legal requirement for all adventure-based activities, including mountaineering, paddling, bungee jumping, kite boarding, surfing, 4×4 trails, canopy tours, mountain biking, etc. Obtaining this qualification allows a guide to register with DEDAT and work as a legally registered adventure guide. This includes:

  • 335803 – Research and design a guided experience at a prominent tourism site
    • 335801 – Conduct a tourist guiding activity
    • 262320 – Manage and organise groups
    • 262317 – Lead participants through an outdoor recreation and adventure activity
    • 262305 – Plan and implement minimum environmental impact practices
    • 262246 – Set up and operate a camping site
    • 255914 – Minimise and manage safety and emergency incidents
    • 246740 – Care for customers
    • 335816 – Conduct a guided adventure experience
    • SAQA Courses
      • Fall Protection Planner SAQA 229994
      • Fall Arrest Technician and Basic Rescue SAQA 229995 and 229998
      • Unit Standard 8478 – Create a guided experience for customers
      • Adventure Site Guide – Mountaineer
        • Unit Standards 9283 + 8478 (Abseil)
        • Unit standards 9284 + 8478 (Mountain walking)
      • Adventure Site Guide – Pro Paddling
        • Unit Standards 12123 + 8478
      • Nature Guide

o Unit Standards 8440 + 8478

  • High Horizons Courses
    • SA MDT Walking Guide Leader
  • Modjadji First Aid Training
    •  Level Three First Aid Certificate – this is an advanced first aid course, the highest first aid level that can be achieved.
  • ROAG Training
    • Recreational Abseil
    • Recreational Mountain Bike Instructor
    • Recreational Orienteering
    • Program Design
    • Rope Work
    • Abseil Recreation Instructor
    • Complete Outdoor Safety Representative
    • Adventure Coach
    • High Ropes Facilitation
  • Warriors Academy Training
    • Mountain Bike Instructor training
    • Survival training and instructor
    • Advanced Facilitation skills
    • Centre Administration
    • Group Games and Debriefing
    • Camp Program Facilitation
    • Camp Craft
    • Basic Welding
    • Basic Knife Making
    • Public Speaking
    • Video Making and Editing
    • Client Care
    • Basic Mechanics
  • Soft Skills Training

The following list of activities is focused on throughout the year as they are skills that every instructor needs to master:

  • Client Care
    • Self-mastery Workshop
    • Activity Delivery
    • Coaching Skills
    • Safety First
    • Life Skills Coaching
    • Inclusive Care
    • Personal Branding
    • Log Book Recording
    • Nutrition
    • Centre Documentation
    • Basic Accounting
    • Public Speaking
    • Curriculum Vitae Development
    • Personal Care and Hygiene
    • Leadership Development

As the MAI’s complete each of the modules above, they will put the theory of what they have learnt into practice by working as Assistant Facilitators at the Warriors Academy. This provides them with hands on practical work experience, which is necessary to take their careers to the next level after the program.

Will my child be able to find a job with this qualification?

This is a question that we often get asked. We are proud to say that all the MAI’s that have come through our program are working in the industry today. Throughout the year, many of our students get headhunted by our industry partners. This program sets them apart from others as it provides work experience. The need for qualified and experienced adventure guides is growing, and there are opportunities both nationally and internationally for students to build their career. We also do try to, where possible, to assist our MAI Warriors in finding opportunities that match their specific skillsets.

Where does the training take place? 

The MAI program is based at the Warriors Academy Base Camp, which is nestled in the majesticMagoebaskloof Mountains in Limpopo. From our Base Camp, we have access to some of South Africa’s most beautiful mountains, rivers and wilderness areas, which forms part of the country’s adventure tourism hub. Most of the training will take place in Limpopo, but we do also travel to other parts of the country, including the east coast, Drakensberg and across the border into Mozambique. 

What are the living arrangements?

The Warriors Academy Base Camp is a busy residential centre, fully equipped with accommodation units, dining area, lecture rooms, and plenty of open space. Course members will have their own shared rooms within the centre. There is also a dedicated laundry room and plenty of storage space for all your equipment. When on the road and travelling, we generally camp and enjoy the outdoors and wilderness around us. 

Why choose the Warriors Academy?

The Warriors Academy has been successfully facilitating student-focused programs for the last 18 years and has had over 450 students cross our paths. This experience is vital in terms of growing and developing young people, helping them find their way and a career in this dynamic industry. Our team also sets us apart. We have a diverse and qualified team who not only focus on the qualifications and experience but the person as well. We understand the mind and body connection and how this impacts our students which is why we focus on health, wellness and provide personal coaching as part of the program.

The Warriors Academy strives to ensure that each of our students is geared for what is to come. We make sure that they are prepared for their career, the industry and that they are ultimately happy with the path they have chosen.

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