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Our Warrior Parents and Students provide insight into their gap year
We often ask our Warrior parents and students to provide us with feedback on their Warriors Academy experience. Today we are excited to share some of this feedback with you from th
Published on July 03, 2024
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Written by Rowena Van Schalkwyk
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Our Warrior Parents and Students provide insight into their Warriors Academy Experience!

We often ask our Warrior parents and students to provide us with feedback on their Warriors Academy experience. Today we are excited to share some of this feedback with you from those who have had first hand experience with our team and overall program.

Parent Feedback

“There are no words to explain how this opportunity has not only changed my son’s outlook on life, but mine as well. Life gets fast and furious and if not careful you completely miss it. The Warriors Adventure Academy has had me in tears and so emotional, to say the least. The insane ability’s you did not know existed within your child makes me SO VERY PROUD!! The Academy has no end to what you child benefits from being there. From daily Routine to Teamwork and Life skills, all done with so much enthusiasm, strict rules, and most of all love. Never could I imagine it would ever be so life changing. My son can’t wait to get back after every Quest, as they make new friends and form companionship. I have two younger children, and they will definitely be attending when the time comes!!!!” – Lucille from South Africa

“This program has been voted the Best Gap Year program for years, and believe me, it is! All three of my kids have attended various quests at some time or another. My eldest, post-graduation, found himself lacking a bit of direction and needing a break. He attended the Toltec Self-Mastery course and came home a changed man. He then went back for the Autumn Quest, before heading to New Zealand for the remainder of the year. What a difference Warriors made to his life. My other two are still currently at Warriors. As we all know, 2020 wasn’t a good year for anyone, especially the young adults who were forced to put their lives and future plans on hold. Plans had to change, lost opportunities to travel etc., it was depressing. Both chose to go to Warriors & are thriving, active & happy. Lifelong friendships have been made. The future looks bright. Well done the Warriors team and thank you.” -Terry from South Africa

“The Warriors academy has changed the course of my daughter’s life. She has grown into an incredibly confident and capable young woman. She knows her own worth, her own mind, and has pushed the boundaries of her strength and courage. There is simply nothing else that can compare to this gap year program. Their motto is “for the adventure of being alive” which says it all. The unique experiences, the deeply invested staff and instructors, and the unstoppable energy of the Warriors is just amazing. Highly recommended, especially to more American students. It’s a long way away, but so worth it.” – Katy from the US

“This is not a time to say, “no comment”! Our son, who finished school in 2020, joined the Warriors for the first time during the Autumn quest. Where can one begin to try and encapsulate what this program means for its participants? For us as parents, it was a difficult decision to make, not being the predictable route we took with our other children and bearing in mind that our son was not the outdoorsy, adventurous type who liked to be out of his comfort zone (take note: at the time!). We now believe that if all young people could have the privilege to partake in such a program, the world would be an infinitely better place! In the short time he has been there, he has had a bucket load of bucket list experiences which are combined with life skill sessions of note. We are astounded at the personal growth he has experienced! He has learnt to embrace the joy of being alive and is more confident in his abilities to go beyond what seems to be the impossible, whilst at the same time learning to take responsibility for his own well-being and functioning as part of a diverse group. If you want to provide your child with an experience of a lifetime whilst simultaneously investing in his or her future – send them to Warriors! We cannot recommend this program enough. It is worth every penny and more.” – Deon from South Africa

Student Feedback:

“I came to Warriors from America nervous about being in a new place and with new people. As soon as I reached base camp, all of that changed. The Warriors program is filled with the most supportive and kind people you ever met. The facilitators are always there to help, and the group is amazing. I recommend warriors to anyone who loves outgoing, adventurous and all around awesome people. The adventures we went on were a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially getting to hike in the Kruger National Park. Come to Warriors if you want to change your life!!!” – Annabel from the US

“Coming to Warriors I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. The program was unlike anything I’ve done before, and I arrived, taking everything with a grain of salt. Throughout my 7 weeks during the Quest, there were many ups and downs, but I’d say the most meaningful part of Warriors for me was its introduction to the concept of self-mastery and its promotion of personal growth. At Warriors, they promote the idea that one can do anything once they have themselves in check, which I found inspiring.” – Antoni from Belgium

“Before coming to the Warriors program, I was not fit. This program made me feel confident to step out of my comfort zone and have the greatest experiences. Everyone is positive and energetic, and after every day you will feel satisfied. We went on amazing hikes and explored beautiful mother nature. I pushed my physical limits, and at the same time, I have learned a lot of important life lessons about career guidance and public speaking. If you are looking for a program, where you have to push your boundaries but at the same time make amazing new
memories and friends this is perfect!!” – Isabel from the Netherlands

“Warriors Academy is the best adventure gap year to go to by far!… You learn everything from values, morals, hard work and have a new perspective on your life based on your personality. I highly recommend this program for all unsure or adventure seeking teens and young adults if you want to change your life in a more positive and soul cleansing manner. You get your money’s worth for not only for the activities but for also how amazing, wild, disciplined and professional the staff are. Thank you Warriors Academy, for everything.” – Bleyten from South Africa

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