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Why travel to South Africa for the I AM WARRIOR Self-Mastery Workshop?
We often get the comments, “We would love to come across for this workshop but it’s so far to travel”. Our response is a money-back guarantee on this unique transformative travel e
Published on July 04, 2024
In Self-Mastery
Written by Rudi Viljoen
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We often get the comments, “We would love to come across for this workshop but it’s so far to travel”. Our response is a money-back guarantee on this unique transformative travel experience. Have we caught your attention?

We are so confident that the I AM WARRIOR Self-Mastery Workshop is life-changing and worth travelling for that we offer a money-back guarantee*. So why should you travel to South Africa for this workshop? The answer lies in the below:

  • Self-Discovery – this travel experience is a transformative journey that will help you uncover hidden passions, strengths, or weaknesses and gain a better understanding of your values, beliefs, and goals.
  • Cultural Immersion – engaging with the local culture and community gives you a greater appreciation for diversity and a broader worldview. Learning about different customs, traditions, and ways of life can be eye-opening and enriching.
  • Challenging Comfort Zones – transformative travel experiences like the I AM WARRIOR workshop involve stepping out of your comfort zone, taking risks, and facing unfamiliar situations. Overcoming challenges will build your resilience and self-confidence.
  • Personal Growth – The insights and lessons learned from this transformative travel experience will lead to personal growth and development. You will return home with a greater sense of purpose, a redefined sense of identity, or a newfound passion for a particular cause or interest.
  • Impactful Interactions – you will make meaningful connections with people, which will have a significant role in this transformative experience. These connections can lead to a deeper understanding of human connections and empathy.
  • Revaluation of Priorities – after a transformative journey, like the I AM WARRIOR workshop, people may reevaluate their priorities, both in terms of their personal lives and societal contributions. This often leads to making positive changes in your life.

Workshop Details:

Date: 30TH August to 5th September 2024

Spaces are limited to 16 participants to ensure a personalised and impactful experience for all participants.


International rate: $2100, which will be discounted to $1800 if booked by 31st of July 2024. 

Local rate: R40 000, which will be discounted to R25000 if booked by the 31st of July 2024. 

Please note that we offer payment plans - please speak to us to arrange this.

Costs include:

                • Luxury Accommodation at our Venda Art Lodge

                • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks

                • The full workshop and all materials required

                • Daily yoga

                • Guided bushwalking

                • Outdoor experiences

                • Group and individual coaching

                • One-on-one talks

                • Nature walks        


Nestled in the pristine wilderness of Limpopo, Leshiba Wilderness offers the perfect backdrop for introspection, learning, and growth. The natural surroundings not only provide peace but also challenge participants to engage fully with the environment.

For more information and to reserve your spot, please email Rudi on or Carla on We are here to assist you on your journey to self-mastery!

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