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Rowena Viljoen
Gap Year, Quests, MAI and School Camps
MOBILE: 0027 83 737 2892
FAX: 0027 86 672 2567
EMAIL: rowena@warriors.co.za
Rudi Viljoen
Corporate Development, Team Building and Self-Mastery
MOBILE: 0027 82 802 0880
FAX: 0027 86 672 4526
EMAIL: rudi@warriors.co.za
Physical Location
A46.1 Franschoek, Magoebaskloof,
Limpopo Province, South Africa

At the Warriors Academy, our comprehensive gap year programs revolve around experiential learning, providing a unique blend of adventure, personal mentoring, and coaching. We understand that a gap year is a valuable opportunity for self-discovery, personal growth, and building essential life skills.

Through our carefully crafted programs, participants are immersed in a dynamic learning environment that goes beyond traditional classroom settings. Adventure-fueled activities serve as powerful catalysts for growth, allowing participants to step out of their comfort zones and develop resilience, adaptability, and confidence.

Our experienced mentors and coaches play a vital role in guiding and supporting participants throughout their gap year journey. They provide individualized attention, helping participants set goals, overcome challenges, and make the most of their experiences. Through regular mentoring sessions, participants receive valuable feedback, gain insights into their strengths and areas for development, and learn how to apply their newfound skills to real-life situations.

Experiential learning lies at the core of our gap year programs. We believe that hands-on experiences provide the most effective and lasting form of education. Whether it's engaging in community service projects, embarking on wilderness expeditions, or participating in cultural exchanges, participants actively learn through direct involvement and reflection.

Our gap year programs are designed to foster personal growth, expand horizons, and develop well-rounded individuals. By combining adventure, mentoring, and coaching, we create a supportive and transformative environment that empowers participants to navigate the challenges and uncertainties of the future.

Join us at the Warriors Academy for our exceptional gap year programs, where experiential learning takes center stage. Embrace adventure, receive personalized mentoring, and unlock your full potential. Enroll now and embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and personal development.

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