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Why is a gap year a transformational experience?
Many parents think a gap year is just an excuse to party and have fun. Although there is lots of fun to be had, a structured gap year program offers so much more.
Published on June 03, 2024
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Written by Rowena Van Schalkwyk
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Many parents think a gap year is just an excuse to party and have fun. Although there is lots of fun to be had, a structured gap year program offers so much more. A gap year is a time-out a student takes after school or studies. It can be many things for different people, but ultimately it is an investment in a person’s future, and for many, it is a truly transformational experience. This is because a well-structured gap year program provides an opportunity for a person to learn more about themselves, gain confidence, step out of their comfort zone and ultimately help them find their path, both personally and professionally.  From our experience at the Warriors Academy, the real benefit of a structured gap year is developing a student’s emotional maturity and ability to adapt and deal with challenges. Our primary focus is helping students develop mental and emotional strength to cope with their studies, future careers, and life. We aim to help students take responsibility for their thoughts and actions in the hope of helping them to achieve their dreams. 

What are the benefits of taking a gap year?

  • Personal and Professional Growth: A gap year allows one to step away from the traditional academic or work environment and explore new interests, passions, and perspectives. It will enable students to better understand themselves, their goals, and their values. By taking a gap year, students can develop valuable skills, independence, adaptability, and new perspectives that will benefit them personally and professionally.
  • Expanded Horizons: During a gap year, students can broaden their horizons by immersing themselves in different cultures, communities, or environments. Travelling to new places exposes you to diverse traditions, languages, and lifestyles. This fosters a sense of global awareness and empathy. These transformational experiences can help students become true global citizens.
  • Skills Development: A gap year allows students to acquire practical skills that may not be taught in a traditional academic setting. Whether developing leadership abilities or learning technical and soft skills through workshops, these experiences can enhance a student’s resume and make them more marketable to future employers or educational institutions.
  • Personal Reflection and Resilience: Taking time off from studies can provide an opportunity for personal reflection, self-care, and mental well-being. It allows students to recharge, reduce stress, and develop resilience before embarking on the next phase of their life. This can improve mental health, increase self-confidence, and better balance and fulfilment.
  • Networking and Connections: During a gap year, students may have the chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds, establish connections, and build a network of contacts. These relationships can be valuable for future collaborations, mentorships, or even job opportunities. Engaging with different communities and organisations can expand social and professional circles.

Why Choose the Warriors Academy as a Gap Year Provider?

The Warriors Academy is an accredited gap year provider that has been operating in South Africa for the last two decades. Our program perfectly combines travel, adventure, community service and personal development workshops. We have worked hard to create an environment that supports growth and helps young people get intentionally uncomfortable to get out of their comfort zones.

During our transformational gap year experience, our Warriors will be given the opportunity to travel and experience all that South Africa and its neighbouring countries have to offer. From kloofing to hiking to bungee jumping, we take our Warriors on an adventure of a lifetime.

Throughout the program, our Warriors will be mentored and guided by world-renowned human behaviour specialist Rudi Viljoen. They will be taught about self-mastery, emotional fitness, and how to deal with life’s challenges. We are focused on helping to develop independence and emotional maturity in our Warriors while giving them the skills needed to adapt and thrive in this fast-paced and challenging world.

We have a qualified and certified, well-rounded team, and each has a specific set of strengths. They are all adventure specialists in their own right and ensure that all activities are managed safely. They are also there to provide our Warriors with support and guidance and encourage them to be their best.

Gap Year Structure

  • Our Gap Year program is structured to include four 7-week Quests. Each Quest has its own set of adventure activities, soft skill workshops and personal mentoring sessions. 
  • Students can take part in any number of Quests depending on their schedules or studies. This provides more flexibility and allows those who cannot take a full gap year to still have an experience over a shorter period of time.

2024 Quest Dates:

  • Autumn Quest: 20 April –  7 June 
  • Winter Quest: 22 June – 9 August 
  • Spring Quest: 31 August – 18 Oct 


  • 2025 Quest Dates: 
  • Summer Quest:  8 February – 28 March
  • Autumn QuestL  12 April – 30 May
  • Winter  Quest: 14 June – 1 August
  • Spring Quest: 23 Aug – 10 October

For more information on the activities of each Quest visit:

Contact Rowena at for more information and pricing! 

For the adventure of being alive! 

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